The Centre develops, designs and produces teaching equipment for schools and universities.



The Centre has a goal to collect the existing and to develop new knowledge of interdisciplinary character, in the field of revitalization of industrial systems and technologies necessary for enhancing the business level and state of production systems in the metal working industry.

The Centre's activities:

- Automation of machining systems,
- Modern dealings with fuels and lubricants,
- Development and application of modern cutting tools,
- Development and application modern flexible mounting holding kits,
- Development of modern measuring instrumentation,
- Development of new materials of elements of tribo-mechanical systems,
- Development and application of new technologies in industrial systems,
- Publishing and similar.


Some of the results may be viewed in a best way through representation of computer controlled coordinate modules, tools for cutting and welding and a device for tribological tests. Development, design, production and marketing of computer controlled coordinate modules of measuring machines and machine tools is done in cooperation with experts from "FRA" Cacak, "ECM" Kragujevac, etc.

Development and design of machines for plasma cutting, 3D milling machine, 2,5D engraving milling machine and preparations fro revitalization of the existing machines for the same purpose are in progress.

Development, design, production and marketing of flexible kits for machining systems in metal cutting and material adhesion, have led to production of mounting-demounting holding tools for cutting operations at "FRA" Cacak (BAUKASTEN system) and of mounting-demounting holding tools for operations of material adhesion (welding) for the needs of manufacturing the car body and other structures at "ZASTAVA KAMIONI" factory. Welding kit was successfully presented at the Science fair in Belgrade in 1999 (the 1st place and golden plat "Road to future"). Basic activities have lately been directed on realization of the patent application at Patent register and on obtaining "The patent certificate".

Development, design, production and marketing of devices and measuring equipment for tests of tribological characteristics of materials of tribo-mechanical systems' elements are realized in cooperation with "ZASTAVA KAMIONI" factory. So far, several tribometers have been made for other faculties and institutes even outside our country. The most significant of these tribometers are installed at the faculty of Mechanical Engineering from Kragujevac TPD-93, tribometer TPD-95 at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade and tribometer TPD-95C delivered to the universiti in Tesaly, Greece. In addition to tribometers, the measuring device "SCRATCH TESTER" for testing of hard covers has been designed and made.

Centre manager
Prof. dr Milan Erić