The Centre develops, designs and produces teaching equipment for schools and universities.



- Designing of new and optimization of existing production processes
- Designing of special machines and devices
- Designing of special clamping equipment
- Designing of flexible modular systems for clamping equipment
- Optimal selection of cutting tools
- Designing of special cutting tools
- Designing and production of devices for operations in which means for cooling and lubrication are used
- Designing and production of modern tribodiagnostic equipment according to ASTM and ISO standards
- Designing of transportation systems
- Revitalization and overhaul of machines
- Provision of services in the field of machines and devices prototype creation process
- Provision of services in the field of 3D models creation and technical documentation updating
- Provision of training services in the field of business with the tools and kits
- Provision of services in the field of statistical data analysis
- Provision of professional opinions and expertise
- Provision of specialized courses in various technical and IT areas (databases, analytical databases, CAD software)
- Provision of software solutions for engineering and re-engineering of technological processes and processing costs estimation